Nalepa Capital Trust Sp. Ltd. is a company managing an investment - developer (NCT) profiled holding group. It operates on its own, through the group and its purpose companies in four key sectors of the commercial real estate market:
  • COMMERCIAL (shopping centers, retail parks, shopping malls,street mall, trade pavilions, petrol stations, etc.)
  • OFFICE (office buildings and parks)
  • MULTIFUNCTION (residential, residential - service - commercial)
  • STORAGE (storage, warehouse - office, warehouse - service - commercial).

Our group is also involved in projects related to the oil industry, renewable energy, recycling. NCT Group finances, developes and manages projects having competence at all stages from concept through commercialization, sale, implementation and operation of the investments.

The main objective is to develope undertaken NCT projects to achieve profits while ensuring the safety of the players involved. At the core of this method is careful analysis and comprehensive planning of attractive projects in order to meet a number of criteria in terms of profitability and the expected risk. This expertise, years of experience and the power of a capital make us a responsible partner for business customers.

Such strategy in relation to individual projects is a part of a long-term strategy of the holding group NALEPA CAPITAL TRUST. It assumes constant expansion of financial capability of the group as well as expertise in all operational areas in order to achieve full success with the optimal profit for the Group and its partners.