„An experienced sailor does not fight with the current or wind, but allows them to float in his chosen direction. ”
                                                                                                                                                                            Bolesław Prus
The pillars of our strategy are capital and trust.

Nalepa Capital Trust focuses on achieving sustainable growth and profit in the optimal perspective. We achieve these goals through the implementation of commercial property, investment, which is a combination of high-quality solutions with economic efficiency.
Work organization, company structure and high flexibility in dealing with business partners, enable us to carry out a variety of projects at the same time.
>The versatility and competence of the company at every stage of the project enable us not only to implement and expand the expansion plan, but also achieve the mission of the company promoting high ethical standards in business.
Expertise, market knowledge, and a diversified portfolio of real estate, help us to manage the investments and the entire business effectively. Our company is staffed with experienced managers who base their actions on the knowledge of the local markets but also international companies and extensive expertise. We are everywhere, both in small towns and major cities.

The main areas of activity:

Business values:

„Listening to the voice of the customer should be the business of any company.”
                                                                                                                                                                            Thomas J.Peters

Respect for the rule of law:

Respect for the environment:

We appreciate the confidence of our investors, tenants and funders. It makes us responsible for:


Relation to the competition: